10 3 / 2014

"The talent is out in the marketplace, you just have to be creative to source it in nontraditional ways through communities or networks. Then you have to understand that you may only retain these people for a short time, but the positive, disruptive impact and the knowledge they can impart on your organization is game changing."

18 2 / 2014

"Advertising based on the kind of information gleaned from what people talk about, do and share online, rather than simply what they search for, has become more important."

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12 12 / 2013

"People who direct online conversations prove themselves as leaders in their fields of expertise, and that makes them particularly credible as consultants."

02 12 / 2013

"Identity matters in healthcare, and as that industry becomes more connected like your devices, make sure that your information is correct, up to date and is “real.” It could literally save your life."

07 11 / 2013

"On Twitter’s biggest day yet, users of Twitter are talking about something else, Obamacare. And that’s a better sign for Twitter than anything that happens on the floor of the NYSE today."

04 11 / 2013

Focus on innovative, collaborative content and education

Content that is data-driven, strategic, co-created with peers, and actionable goes far in reaching this audience.

Content that Resonates with the C-Suite

·         Drive credibility with hard facts… and credibility is key: Content based on data makes an impression on executives; peer-based insights and stories add to the credibility of the data collected.

·         Provide actionable and timely information on issues that matter: There has to be a “so what” that comes out of the data and it needs to be up to the minute on topics relevant to the executive’s business, role, and current challenges.

·         Summarize, summarize, summarize: Executives have short attention spans and need to get to the value quickly. Deliver your ideas with targeted summaries and succinct points, where the bottom-line ideas and actions are easy to extract and consume.

·         Channel matters: Content has to be easy to access, wherever the audience is — during a flight when they are on the iPad, after dinner when they peruse printed paper, or while waiting for a meeting when they have two minutes to watch a video.

·         Push beyond common wisdom and top-of-mind trends: Executive content needs to present a provocative vision for future possibilities. Executives seek intriguing, surprising, or useful ideas that highlight future opportunities in areas that tie to their greatest business challenges.

·         Evolve from technical to strategic: Executives care about how they can solve business problems and enhance revenue and profit. They are not interested in reading about technologies and products — those are only a means to the end and are readily delegated to others to review and purchase.

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01 11 / 2013

"Social media usage on mobile is up over 56% in the last 12 months (that equates to almost 60 million users in the USA alone) according to comScore’s “2010 Mobile Year in Review” that has just been released."

28 10 / 2013

"Twitter tends to be a one-way conversation where influencers are speaking to their followers, while Facebook is where actual friends are connecting."

28 10 / 2013

“As compared to Twitter, Facebook is responsible for 10 times the number of shares, 20 times the amount of site traffic, and 30 times the number of new customers acquired,” Curebit vice-president Brad Kam told me today. “Twitter is simply not as relevant for commerce.”

28 10 / 2013

"Very nice shout out from @rshevlin about our FinServ blog @Perficient -
What makes a good blog? “They contain original content…posts like the impact of payments on health care on Perficient’s blog are examples of the original — i.e, not rehashed summaries of studies or articles found elsewhere — content found on these blogs”"

25 10 / 2013

Within digital, average budget allocations were:

  • website development (23%), 
  • email marketing (19%), 
  • social media (12%), 
  • online video (10%), 
  • SEO (8%), 
  • pay-per-click advertising (7%), 
  • display advertising (6%), 
  • microsites (5%), 
  • mobile optimization (2%), 
  • mobile apps (2%), 
  • affiliate marketing (1%) and 
  • other (5%).

21 10 / 2013

"Facebook is apparently desperate to keep teenagers and bring back those who have left in droves. Earlier this week, it made a major change to its privacy policy for its 13-17 year-old users"

17 10 / 2013

"Perficient features employee blog posts on its home page and lets employees tell the story themselves. The diversity of the storytellers must attract not only young but “seasoned” professionals thinking about a job change."